Seasonal Services

Seasonal Services? Why?

Champion Heat and Air, Inc. knows the benefits of a properly maintained heat and air system. We want you to have these benefits. Annual Maintenance is REQUIRED by all Manufacturers in order to maintain your Warranty coverage. So we have instituted a Seasonal Planned Service. Seasonal Planned Service is beneficial for many reasons:

Keeping your system clean and well-serviced enables it to run at maximum efficiency which can save you money, prolong the life of your system and improve its capacity.

The Seasonal Planned Service can sometimes reveal potential problems or hazardous conditions providing for timely repairs that can be taken care of before you find yourself with no heat in the winter or no air conditioning in the hot summer. However, it does not guarantee that you will not have need for emergency service.

You will have peace of mind knowing your furnace and air conditioning have been inspected by the "Champs" at Champion Heat and Air! Normally Furnace Seasonal Planned Service is done during the months of September, October and November Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. Air conditioning Seasonal Planned Service is done during March, April and May. If you have any questions feel free to call us anytime.

Priority Scheduling

You get scheduling priority over those who do not have a signed service Agreement. We will make every effort to schedule your service at your convenience.

Repair Discounts

If your Furnace and/or Air conditioner needs repair within the term of the agreement we will give you a 15% discount on all current parts and a 10% discount on all labor charges. This special rate cannot be used with any other discount, coupon or program.

Special Equipment Discount

If you decide to replace your furnace or air conditioner or add some other related piece of equipment you will receive a special discount off our regular proposal price. To receive this special discount on new equipment it must be ordered during the course of the Agreement. Delivery can be extended for a maximum of 30 days past the expiration of the Agreement.

You can take your Seasonal Planned Service Agreement with you or transfer it.

If you move, you can either transfer the Agreement to the new owner for the unused portion of the term or transfer the Agreement to your new home.

Seasonal Planned Furnace Check

Since equipment design varies we will perform all checks that apply, which can include:

  1. Check thermostat calibration
  2. Clean and adjust burner assembly
  3. Clean furnace ignition assembly
  4. Check combustion air
  5. Test furnace safety controls
  6. Examine heat exchanger for damage
  7. Monitor flue draft
  8. Test furnace safety controls
  9. Inspect gas piping
  10. Clean and/or replace provided air filters
  11. Measure for correct air flow
  12. Tighten electrical connections
  13. Measure volts and amps
  14. Lubricate all moving furnace parts
  15. Clean condensate drains on Furnace
  16. Measure temperature rise of furnace
  17. Adjust gas pressure
  18. Adjust pilot
  19. Monitor heating cycle
  20. Replace thermostat batteries

Seasonal Planned Air Conditioner Check

Since equipment design varies we will perform all checks that apply, which can include:

  1. Take Supply Air Temp
  2. Check Refrigerant Pressures
  3. Take Return Air Temp
  4. Check Filter(s)
  5. Check Thermostat
  6. Inspect Outdoor Coil
  7. Take/Check Amp Draw of Outdoor Fan Motor
  8. Inspect Refrigerant Lines
  9. Check Outdoor Fan Blade
  10. Take Amp Draw of Indoor Fan (Blower) Motor
  11. Take/Check Amp Draw of Compressor
  12. Inspect Blower Wheel
  13. Inspect Compressor
  14. Inspect Duct System
  15. Check Operation of Reversing Valve (if applicable)
  16. Inspect Air Handler/Furnace/Packaged Unit
  17. Inspect Control Boards
  18. Check Air Handler (Furnace)/for Air Leaks
  19. Inspect Compressor Contactor
  20. Check Condensate Drain Lines
  21. Test All Applicable Run Capacitors
  22. Inspect Evaporator Coil
  23. Check Starting Devices
  24. Check Drain Pans
  25. Check Fuses
  26. Inspect Wiring
  27. Check Condition Compressor Windings
  28. Inspect Service Disconnect
  29. Inspect Breakers
  30. Check Safety of Electrical Connections

Note: Champion will not be able to perform the Seasonal Planned Service if your system is not working. However, we will evaluate the repair cost and apply the discounts in your Service Agreement. After completing the repairs we will then perform the Seasonal Planned Service.