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I have used these guys for years for my home as well as my clients. They are always professional, reliable, honest and fair.

Great company! They completely refurbished my AC and ducts and helped me with the paperwork to get financing from SMUD. They are craftsmen, not technicians, and they have a great attitude about what they do. They were lifesavers! We were sweating it out last summer! Now we are sitting in the AC coolin' out! Thanks guys, your a blessing!

It has been almost 11 months since Champion Heat and Air installed our new furnace and air conditioning. Champion had been inspecting and servicing our equipment for several years. However, the equipment was the original equipment in the house (built 1989) and upon doing the fall inspection in 2011, they felt that the burners in the furnace were becoming at risk for a house fire. (We were independently aware of several homes in the Antelope area that burned due to fires starting in the attic furnaces.) Since all of the equipment was original we made the decision to have both the heating and air systems completely replaced. We asked Champion to give us an estimate which they did in a timely manner. There was no pressure to buy from them, which we appreciated, just because they had inspected the system. After doing our homework, we felt that they were offering a very fair price for the labor and equipment involved. Their recommendations included upgrading the efficiency of both systems to meet current standards. (In the 11 months since installation this has proved to be a financial savings over the cost of operating the old equipment.) This included taking care of the requirements/application for a small rebate as well. For our particular situation installation took about 3 days. Ken Innocent (owner) his partner, Lee Holden, and assistant John Holden, worked diligently to get us up and running before the weather turned cold. The job was explained thoroughly to me, the work done promptly, clean-up was as promised, and wow, was it nice to be warm last winter, and comfortably cool this summer (2012). We plan to have this company do the annual inspections and maintenance as long as we own this home.

Besides being time to replace an inefficient a/c and furnace unit, we wanted to take advantage of the many rebates available. We interviewed seven different firms with Champion Heat & Air being the second. Ken Innocent, owner, showed up at the scheduled time and wrote a draft of specifications and requirements of our job. He then returned a second time along with Lee Holden, owner, with the proposal and spent some time answering our questions and concerns. In comparison to the other six firms, we did not feel pressured to make a snap decision nor did we feel that his pricing was either too low or too high. We sensed that Ken and Lee would be knowledgeable, fair, and personable. Champion Heat & Air did an exemplary job of replacing our old unit. They cleaned up as they worked so at the end of the day there wasn’t much to do. The crew was very efficient and worked well together. During the installation they kept us informed of what they were doing and their time-frame for doing certain steps. Ken, Lee, and their crew, Bucky and John, conducted themselves in a professional manner and showed that they were serious about doing an exceptionally good job. There were no surprises during the installation as we were told explicitly at the beginning of the job what the job would entail. For example, we were upgrading the furnace and needed to have a separate vent, which meant we would have to go thru the roof to install another outlet. This meant we would have to contact our previous roofer to work with Ken and his crew (please see my report on our roofer - it is times like this that is very important to have a good roofer to depend on). At the end of the job, Ken then helped us with the rebate process and made sure we had the paperwork completed for submission. We have been very pleased with Champion Heat & Air's work and have experienced no problems with the installation as of this date (two months’ time since installation). Ken has remained ready to answer any questions (we had questions on submission of PG&E rebates). Our perception of Ken and Lee was right on the money. They did not let us down and we are very happy that our experience was nothing short of great. In fact, our neighbors were really impressed with Ken and his crew so much so they hired them to replace their old unit.

Our air conditioner did not work the first time we used it this year so we called Champion Heat and Air. They installed the unit a few years ago. We left a message on Sunday afternoon and said we needed it fixed by Wednesday because we were having a party. We were surprised when they called Monday morning and said they could come at 10:00 a.m. the same day. The compressor fan motor needed to be replaced and they had the part with them. There was no charge because it was under warranty. They were very friendly on the phone and in person. It works great!

They explained what they were doing as they did the work and answered all of our questions. The new system came with a new thermostat and new registers, and they explained the various options and let us select what style of vents we wanted. They even installed the air filter grates upside down (at our request!) to make them more difficult for the kids to get into. They also took the time to show us how to use the new thermostat rather than just handing us a manual and expecting us to figure it out on our own. The owners are Christians and are honest and courteous; there was no use of bad language, which we appreciated around our small children. When they scheduled an appointment, they arrived on time, not just within a half-day window like the cable guy. The only exception to this was when they needed to reschedule to help another customer who was without heat, which was fully appropriate in December. When we first tried to use the A/C five months later on an unexpectedly hot day, the fan came on but the air was not cold. We called for help because we were having a birthday party in two hours and it would have been extremely unpleasant for our guests. They showed up within an hour and repaired it at no charge. We have been happy to recommend Champion Heat & Air to our friends and family.